Strategies for equipment finance operations for a better 2023

2023 Webinar Series

This complimentary webinar is presented by Equipment Finance Connect, a new industry event organized by Royal Media.

The equipment finance industry, along with the economy at large, is on the precipice of an economic recession in 2023. After the global COVID-19 pandemic, economic turbulence has accelerated, and that leaves equipment vendors in need of new paths to profitability and financial soundness.

A key path to that leads straight to the finance and insurance department, where the potential for high margins is greatest.

In this webinar, attendees will learn about the pivotal role finance and insurance play in strengthening profitability in the equipment finance industry; strategies to streamline back-office processes and procedures at vendors and lenders; and how budding technologies can reduce friction and improve efficiency in the sales and financing process, yielding yet another potential benefit to financial results.

Adam Little (sourced)

Adam Little

Financial Services Consulting Senior Manager


Joseph Pulicano

Joseph Pulicano

Managing Director of Equipment Finance


Ben Speed

Ben Speed
Vice President
Johnson Controls Capital


  • Advancing finance operations to increase revenue and strengthen your balance sheet
  • Creating — or reframing — finance processes and procedures for post-pandemic success
  • Leveraging technology advancements to enhance operational efficiencies in the equipment sales and financing process

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