Complimentary Dealer Terms & Conditions

Comp Dealer Criteria

All complimentary dealers MUST meet the following criteria. Equipment Finance Connect has the final decision on all complimentary dealer approvals.

Dealership requirements:

Your dealership must meet one of the following requirements.

  • Dealership annual sales are over $1BN
  • Over 20 locations or stores
  • Over 10,000 units sales in a year

Individual requirements:

Complimentary dealers must be at the Senior and or Executive Management level (i.e. GM, Owner, or Dealer Principal).

Attendance Conditions

  • It is recommended that complimentary dealers attend Equipment Finance Connect for the full program day(s).
  • Complimentary dealers are required to make a minimum of six meetings with lenders during the duration of the event. Scheduling will open six weeks prior to the event.
  • Equipment Finance Connect will only accept one complimentary dealer per dealership. Additional dealer tickets can be purchased through our Events Team.
  •  A dealer who does not meet the qualifying criteria will be given the opportunity to attend as a paid attendee but still have the opportunity to meet with the participating lenders.

Event Inclusions

  • Access to the Connect Lounge (complimentary refreshments and Wi-Fi)
  • Free access to all sessions
  • Free access to all onsite and offsite activities and networking events